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  • Type de transaction : Camion chevaux à vendre
  • Type de camion : Camion PL Chevaux
  • Marque : Scania
  • Modèle : 82M
  • Prix : 40 000  (Prix à débattre)
  • Carrosserie : Fourgon
  • Pont : Arrière.
  • Capacité : 5 Chevaux
  • Chevaux voyagent : De biais
  • Home car : 4 Personnes
  • Kilométrage : 135500 Kilomètres
  • Couleur : Blanc
  • Année : 1988
  • Energie : Diesel
  • Etat : Occasion
  • Boîte de vitesse : Manuelle
  • Première main : Non
  • Mise en circulation : Juin 1988
  • Passage aux mines : Juin 2021
  • Equipements :
      • Feux anti-brouillards
      • Chauffage
      • Radio / CD
      Espace chevaux
      • Séparations réglables
      • Rangement(s) couvertures
      • Coffre(s)
      • Fenêtre(s) de toit
      • Sellerie(s)
      • Passage devant les chevaux
      • Douche(s) chevaux
      • Séparations de têtes
      • Douche(s)
      • Cuisine
      • Télévision(s)
      • Banquette(s)
      • Rangements(s)
      • Capucine
      • Table(s)
      • Couchage(s)
      • WC(s)
      • Réfrigérateur(s)
  • Localisation :

Le mot du propriétaire   

With regret we are putting our beloved horsetruck for sale.  We have owned it for almost 9 years now and it has never let us down.  Always starts immediately and it's a great ride.  Fully equipped home car with kitchen and bathroom.  Four Gas Cooking plates and oven with Grill.  The oven is absolutely perfect for Pizza's and Lasagna's.  Refrigerator with small freezer compartment functions on 12V - 230V.  Satellite dish and TV for those moments when you are not running around taking care of the horsies.

Right hand drive -  we imported it from the UK.  Truck has always been driven by a woman now in her sixties, who has no problems whatsoever with the right-hand drive.  So don't be a pussy ;-).  Visibility is very good, since the home car also has large windows through which the road also can be observed when necessary.

This truck is perfect for a beginning professional who needs a reliable horse transporter, or for a club.  

It  would also be very suitable for a Tiny House project, since it is very roomy and easy to drive.  Can be made totally self-sufficient with solar panels installed, etc...


  • Right hand drive
  • 17 tonnes, 11 tonnes empty, 6 tonnes loading capacity
  • 8L Diesel engine.  Very reliable and very economic.  Indestructible.  Low mileage.
  • 2 new Tires in front and 4 new winter tires at the back.  Value 3500 Euros.
  • Bottom storage compartments of the truck have been completely renewed,  All in good condition,
  • Upkeep of the Truck is easy and not very expensive. 
  • Insurance costs very reasonable since it is an oldtimer. 
  • In Germany complete exemption of road tax can be obtained.
  • In Belgium it is excempt from road tax when driving empty (i.e. no horse transport).  This means that if you convert it into a mobile home, you will not be paying any road tax whatsoever in Belgium
  • Low circulation tax since it is an oldtimer, and oldtimer tarifs apply.
  • A Scania 82M in this good condition is rare. 
  • Our German Technician can provide all technical details if required.
  • And last but not least Luxembourg Contrôle Technique in June 2021, passed with flying colours 100%, and valid until June 2023.



  • 5 BIG horses  (comfortably)
  • Aluminium bottom with sturdy rubber mats
  • horse-shower, powerful water pump.  No water-hauling, or waiting to give your horse a refreshing shower.
  • 200 liter water reservoir
  • New batteries EVERYWHERE.  2 new batteries for the Truck and 2 new batteries for the Home Car.  Value 700 Euros
  • Movable partitions with head separations
  • spacious rug rack
  • Horse part also has plugs available, so can be transformed in living area when overnighting during shows



  • Bottom Storage compartment for the truck batteries plus small storage compartment for diverse items right next to it.
  • Large bottom storage compartment (practical for hay or a foldable wheelbarrow)
  • Large saddle compartment, for 6 saddles and bridles.
  • 2 large side compartments for more equipment, spare bridles, food, brushes, etc, etc,
  • Large saddle compartment, for 6 saddles and bridles.
  • Large storage compartment at the back, which passes undeneathr the truck, perfect for storing big or long objects, mucking out equipment, electr. generator, Pavillions, beds, etc..  Accessible from both sides


  • Large storage compartment at the back, which passes underneath the truck, with plugs for connection to mains or generator.
  • Large storage compartment for water storage + horse shower + space for water buckets etc...
  • Storage compartment for gas bottles
  • Access to water tanks and toilet cassette


  • Sleeps 4.  Benches transform in roomy bed.  2 can sleep above the cabin.  2 foldable beds can also be installed in the horse compartment when necessary.
  • Practical little kitchen, with 4 gas burners and a great oven
  • Microwave with grill
  • 3-way refrigerator, but gas not connected.  functions fine on 12v and 230V
  • Basin +faucet for dishwashing
  • Toilet + shower
  • Satellite dish and TV (functions on 230 V)


Comes with outdoor carpets for the horse compartment, 2 foldable beds, a changing cabin for inside or outside, 2 outside pavillions, a table + chairs, and other camping equipment.






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